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Kimie continues to write soulful melodies that make me want to lay out in the sun, contemplate life and dump my boyfriend. The more I listen to her songs, the more I feel I know her…with glimpses of lyrical emotion and rhythmic oohs. The tunes I’m most drawn to have an obvious angst and longing like “Is this love.” Her honesty continues to come through in her soulful voice and her island inspired sound. Kimie is addicting
— MauiThing Blog
Kimie Miner, a Hawaii native and self-taught songwriter and guitarist, is best known for her ability to weave acoustic soul, reggae, Hawaiian with a touch of R&B and funk, into cool sultry melodies comparable to legends Lauryn Hill and India Arie.
— MauiThing Blog


THE PIER: Kimie’s April Fools on ‘New Day’ Video

Hawai’i singer/songwriter, Kimie, has posted pictures and status updates regarding the filming of her new video “New Day” to be released on April 1, 2014. With screen-shots of the scenic east side of Oahu and the gorgeous smile of Kimie, fans waited with eager anticipation for the first single from her new album to be released this summer. Read more...

PULSE: Miner kick-starts her career

Singer/songwriter Kimie Miner lives in Los Angeles, where she’s pursuing a music career, but she says she’ll always be a Hawaii island girl at heart. She’s back in Hawaii for a stint reconnecting with fans during an interisland tour in support of her new EP, “To the Sea,” with a show tonight at Stella Blues in Kihei, Maui, and tomorrow at Surfer, the Bar, on the North Shore on Oahu. Read more...