Aloha minerbirds, mamabirds, and baby birds! Today I decided to do a VLOG or video blog because I havenʻt had time to sit and write out all the words that have been on my mind lately. Baby girl is over 6 months old and I honestly canʻt believe it! Sheʻs sitting up and feeding herself baby mum mum crackers now. Itʻs such trip! Weʻve been so busy with shows, rehearsals and traveling, working on my new lullaby album with my company Haku Collective, along with my daily mommy duties. I say we because sheʻs been there for all of it! Thank God for baby carriers!

Our latest adventure is learning the art of feeding. Iʻve been exclusively breastfeeding ʻŌmea since she was born. Iʻm one of those mamaʻs that will feed her baby anywhere. Itʻs weird to me that breastfeeding just became legal in all 50 states. So there was a time when it was ILLEGAL to breastfeed in public? Thatʻs insane! Thankfully most of Hawaiʻi is ʻaccustomedʻ to the necessity of feeding your baby no matter where you are. I just think its so wrong to shame moms for feeding in public. 



Baby just had her 6 month check up and we discovered she hadnʻt gained any weight since her last visit. Although sheʻs grown in length and head circumference her weight stayed the same. It was a little alarming so my doctor had me feed her more solid foods for a week. I fed her 3x a day for a week. Poi (which she loves!), rice cereal, and the gamut of other baby mushy foods for the first time. When we went in a week later for her weigh in, I was optimistic but she LOST an ounce... WTF? I was shocked and frustrated... like truly baffled. But after talking to my doctor, who is a mom of 4, we decided to try supplementing with formula this week and some food feeding tricks. So I will feed her boob first, then formula in a bottle, then solids (which will be mixed with my breastmilk or formula). Iʻm hoping this will help her to gain weight. The risk we face without weight gain, is the lack of nutrients and that will affect her overall growth and development. So my doctor wants to be aggressive off the bat with her weight gain so she wonʻt start falling off in other areas which can be more serious. 

As a first time mama it is frustrating to think Iʻm doing all that I can and Iʻm not seeing the results I want right away with baby. So I will take this as a lesson and remain optimistic for ʻŌmealaniʻs health. She may just be a lean baby and take after her daddy. She get em! I know it will be ok! She is a poi girl and sheʻs finally taking other new foods we are introducing to her. Please let me know if you have any advice or stories to share with me about your art of feeding. Thanks for watching and listening :) Sorry no music in the background I gotta pack for this weekend!

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