Itʻs 12:41 am and Iʻve finally found some time and energy to write this long overdue post. Both baby girl and dada are snoring comfortably in their respective sleep spaces as I sit in bed, smelling lavender diffused around the room, wrapped up in my favorite pregnancy pillow (link below) looking at photos from ʻŌmealaniʻs first birthday lūʻau. If you arenʻt familiar with Hawaiʻiʻs customary first bday lūʻau, let me just tell you some are like mini weddings for your one year old. haha! No but seriously ʻŌmeaʻs lūʻau was more like a birthday bash and TBH, although so super fun and gorgeous, it was SO MUCH WORK! I think I JUST recovered from all the planning and logistics of putting it together and itʻs 3 weeks later lol. I donʻt know how Iʻm ever going to pull it off again and SO SOON might I add. I mean this new lil nugget is coming in June so that only gives us a little over a year to save up and try to plan it all out again? IDK seems like a beach bbq closer to home might be more up our alley next year. Weʻll see what happens though… Iʻm already scheming up ʻŌmeaʻs taco twoʻsday fiesta because our family loves a good taco and piñata to bat at. I guess Iʻm just one of those “idea people” lol. Sometimes I should really just tell myself NO. But Iʻve always been a dreamer and one who appreciates quality experiences over things. Alas, I donʻt regret a thing and I truly had the best time ever celebrating our little sweet potatoʻs first year around the sun with our favorite people. I should really point out how lucky this sweet girl is to have so many people who truly care about her, love her and invest in her already. I know we are blessed.


This party was magical. From the location and views, Lanikūhonua on the water… I mean! (again baby wedding), to the activities & keiki corner, to the food and entertainment, it was all just magic. It couldnʻt have happened without our ʻohana and friendʻs kokua (help) and also our partners, vendors, and sponsors! Yes ʻŌmea has some sponsors already… maybe more than me even lol!

I swear I mustʻve looked through the hundreds of photos from her party at least 30 times! There are so many good ones between everyone airdropping me photos to a few photogs we had in attendance. It was so nice to get to see everything because I missed so much! Itʻs always hard to see and visit with everyone at parties like these when youʻre the host but seeing those photos showed me that everyone had a great time, especially the keiki (kiddos)! I couldnʻt post them all here but Iʻll be sharing more on social media later. For now here are the gorgeous shots (both film and digital) by Ashley Goodwin.

Shout out to our amazing sponsors!

Aloha Artisans

Palm Palm Parties

Taro Brand Poi

Waiola Coconut Water

Shaka Tea

Ocean Dreamer

The Happy Haku

702 Haku Lei

Jams World

Crystal Pancipanci

The All Star Band (ʻŌmeaʻs talented uncles and aunties)

PS. People (other momʻs especially) often say to me or DM me on IG saying, “You make it look so easy” but I just wanna say that it really ʻAINT EASY. I donʻt intend to make it look that way on social media because it can be really rough sometimes. There are times when I donʻt get enough food (hangry) or sleep or my brain is racked with my to doʻs and ʻŌmeaʻs wanting all my attention. Especially now that Iʻm further along in my pregnancy and my lullaby album is coming out in May right before I give birth in June. Itʻs A LOT! But I do depend on my ʻohana when theyʻre available or child care (found on to help me get some work done. I think Iʻve learned to deal with the chaos a little better now. Iʻm also anticipating that it will get harder and easier in different ways. This pregnancy has already been completely different for me than ʻŌmeas was. Having a 24 lb baby on my hip while carrying another one inside my belly makes it more challenging just to start. More on that later. For now I encourage you to find your village (both in person and on social media) and share your struggles. Find your creative outlet and make time for yourself. All my love to you Mamabirds.

PSS. It has now been 4 days since I started writing this blog… #momlife

Below I put a few links of some of my favs of the moment from my go to pregnancy pillow and recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, to parenting audio books & podcasts that Iʻve been loving.

This pregnancy z pillow is to die for!

These chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, I CANʻT but I must! So should you. It has honey in it!

Unruffled Podcast by Janet Lansbury

The Whole Brain Child audio book

Birth Without Fear book & their website & podcast.

Frozen Pop tray

Packit Freezable lunch bag

Bento box (Fits in the bag above) - Leak-Proof Sealing Food Container - 4 Compartments With a Spoon - BPA-free Microwave-Safe Box

Kickee Jammies ( I love all the different ones they make!)

CocoMoon Hooded towels (These are my favs but ʻŌmeaʻs outgrowing them. Will save for next baby.)

Teething relief (homeopathic) drops and tablets (I prefer the gel but canʻt find it online. This gel works too and is at target.)

Pō Naturals (homeopathic remedies) including Baby Breathe Easy chest rub we used on baby every day and night during her last cold